Portugal bank with no monthly fees? Current bank recommendations


I would appreciate any input you have about your experience with Portugal banks and whether you know a good option with no monthly fees? I currently have an account with Millenium but I like to avoid the fee if I can. I know Activobank is an option, any experience with that? I am currently a USA resident.

Thank you very much for the help

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Do you need a local bank account? For having some euros on hand I think wise seems pretty good, but frankly I just use my USA credit card everywhere for payments so Iā€™m not sure I see the need

I do need a local bank and I am currently with Millenium. We have bought an apartment in Lisbon which we will be renting out soon and we are a golden visa applicant so I think we do need a local bank. From what I am gathering Activo may be the only option with no monthly fees but you can only open an account with them if you have a European residency card/permit.