Best Banks in Lisbon

Hey guys, I’m planning to move to Portugal soon. I want to create a new Portuguese bank account and was wondering which banks are the best?

(Note: A bank should preferably support English on their websites\call centers. It would also be great if they would have mobile applications to handle bank transactions.)


The only Portuguese bank I know is Atlântico. Their mobile services are good and had an english webstie. Here is their website:

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Activo Bank. wonderful app. and if you move out of the country as i did, you can update your phone number to a foreign one and everything keeps working fine. since…2013. so 7 years for me of all good stuff.

zero costs of any kind.

Thanks for the replies guys.

My Portuguese lawyer mentioned Banco Best ( Do you have any feedback on it?

Hi. Are you able to open an account with them remotely from the USA with your lawyer’s help? Thanks

Hi Ramin.

In my case, I’m trying to open an account from Lebanon. Unfortunately for me, Lebanon is not on the supported list of countries to open remotely. It’s turning out to be a somewhat complicated process, as the required documents need to be stamped using the “Hague Apostille” convention and physically mailed to Portugal.

I’ll update this thread once I finish this process.

In your case, I’m pretty sure you should have an easier process from the USA.