Activo bank opening from the USA?

Hello. Has anyone been able to open an Activo bank account from the USA with their lawyer’s help? Does anyone know a contact person at this bank?

Thank you very much.

Along the same lines, there’s a requirement to provide:
" * Abroad: Taxes liquidation issued by the fiscal authority of the country of residency or Document issued by the consulate."

What … is … that?

See: ActivoBank | Simple Account

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Hi @ramin . Did you ever get this resolved? We’re also Americans trying to open an account in Portugal. We have our NIFs already, but need better guidance for how to open bank accounts in Portugal from outside the country.

As far as I know can help you with opening your bank account remotely.
But you should also check if you have a rep office of a Portuguese bank near you in your country of residence.
On my GV journey, I was almost ready to go down the remote opening option when I came across the fact that some PT banks are just 1hr away from me on a train :slight_smile:
Ended up opening in-person at the bank’s rep office within 1(!) business day…

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Hi @ramin ,

I represent Pela Terra Farmland, the low-risk sustainability fund, and I live in Lisbon.

As far as I know, ActivoBank do not have functionality for this. However, in Portugal, it’s not unusual to employ your lawyers to get things like this done for you. If you’ve signed some kind of power-of-attorney they can act on your behalf. They’re quite used to waiting in line on behalf of their clients - bureaucracy in Portugal makes this a necessary/normal part of many processes.

Hope that helps!

Hi. Most banks require notary and apostille for opening remotely. We are in the process of opening an account through Bordr which allows this without a need for notary and apostille. You can not open an Activo account remotely but that is the only bank we know that does not have monthly fees associated with it. Lawyers can help but you would still need notary and apostille. Hope that is helpful

Thank you all for your advise and input

Regarding the monthly bank account fees, please be aware of not becoming penny-wise but pound-foolish.
What is 4-8EUR per month in the context of making a half a million EUR investment?..