International banking / investment advisors

Forgive me if this has already been addressed, in which case I’d appreciate any direction toward the discussion(s): How are GV investors getting advice about moving money over to appropriate banks and investment accounts? Any international banks and/or investment advisors which would be roughly equivalent to, for example, Vanguard, in the U.S.?
Thanks in advance.

You can use FX Brokers such as Wise or any banks such as Citibank, Chase or HSBC to directly exchange USD from Vanguard accounts and transfer to banks in Portugal.

I wont be moving my money to Portugal. A wealth tax probably isn’t unlikely given the state of politics there, and why make it any easier for them!

With regards to optimizing the exchange rate on tranfers to PT, I would recommend HSBC Global Money.
Not sure about some other aspects of the ‘moving money’ question…