Introducing the new Golden Visa Timeline Database

Just got an email from Thomas:

Since it has been 257 days since you last updated your timeline, it would be great if you could look it over to see if the information is outdated, incorrect, or incomplete

Thomas, why you gotta hurt me like that? :joy:


Haha, I just wanted everyone who had been imported but not yet made any updates to be aware of the new database :sweat_smile:

I’m planning to make the future automated reminder emails a bit smarter by only triggering when it’s likely that you are close to progressing to the next stage.

PS! Clicking the My data is still current :ok_hand: link in the email resets the counter, so make sure you do that :smiley:

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I realized that I never replied to you - sorry!
According to the crowdsourced database, there are 56 primary applications that were submittd in Dec 2021. 33 of them (59%) confirmed that they have already been pre-approved.
However, this doesn’t mean that all remaining 26 (41%) are still waiting as I would assume (and hope) that some may have just forgotten to update their entries despite @tkrunning 's reminders.
Also keep in mind that we’re looking at a small dataset here…

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Thank you, helpful to know

Thanks for the great tool,

I was looking for the last entry who actually received their card and seems that they were applying back on November 29th 2021 and card was received on July 3rd 2023, so total process took around 580 days (19 months)

Is there any hope that this will improve anytime soon? What’s is the latest news on the SEF re-org or even replacement ?

No news as far as I’ve seen on the restructuring.

Keep in mind, the time from submission to preapproval is (relatively) steady, while the time from biometrics to final approval is highly variable depending on the location you do biometrics at

Is it possible to have a link to the database in the main menu of the site? Thanks


There is already a link under the Golden Visas > Portugal dropdown on


This is faster than most currently - they probably picked a slot soon after they were invited for biometrics, and I’m guessing did them in Faro or Porto.

Do not trust to hope; it has forsaken these lands.

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Thanks for the update😃

Thank you SO much for this @tkrunning ! I have been searching for some “signal from the black hole” since we applied in February.

What it really needs now is more GV applicant data.

To help get the word out, I’ve just mentioned it to Christian Henrik Nesheim who regularly publishes some very cool (but depressing) stats on PT GVs - e.g.

I also emailed the person who started the petition earlier this year when the PT government first announced their crazy plans for applying legislation retroactively, etc. Presumably the same people are wondering where they are in the void.

…and I’ve asked the migration firm we used to let all their clients know about this tracker. I encourage everyone who uses such a service to do the same :wink:


I am still waiting biometric appointment (main applicant ) … pre-approval in jul 2021 … where I can update mine ?

Angel, if you were pre-approved in July 2021 and you’ve not had a biometric appointment yet, I think you’ve slipped through the net. They are now pre-approving late December 2021 applicants and inviting them for biometrics almost immediately. I applied in Oct 2021, pre-approved in May 2022 and had my biometrics in Feb 2023. I think you’ve been missed. Get your lawyer to contact SEF to try to find out what’s happened. If they don’t get anywhere, file a case.


You’re definitely not the only one - I have my pre-approval January 2021 and still haven’t got the biometric appointment yet, not ever offered. I am filing a case.

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What does it mean to “file a case”? Is there a way to get the SEP to confirm that your application is still being worked on and hasn’t been lost?

Get my lawyer to sue SEF for not providing the opportunity to collect biometric data for almost 3 year - I heard about recent successful cases, under which the SEF allowed the applicants to immediately select the dates.

Hey @tkrunning - hopefully you’ve seen the email reply from Christian Henrik Nesheim of IMI offering to promote your tracker on ?

The PT GV tracker is great, but it needs more applicants feeding it data*. Lots of other news outlets quote IMI, so this should be great publicity for it.

*I check the calendar view almost every day looking for any sign of life at SEF… nobody’s entered any updates in the past 2 weeks :frowning:


Hi Thomas, I updated my husband’s and my information in the spreadsheet 65 days ago, but it doesn’t show up on the moving graph under Lisbon, I thought the data I entered would populate the graph and the spreadsheet. Thanks for your help.

Hi @tkrunning - could you please add some means to navigate between the various views (e.g. switch from calendar to table, etc.)?