Is it Lawsuit time? (Processing times)

My main applicant approval came through on March 25 and I paid on the 27th. The two dependent applications were approved today and their DUC payment link is available from tomorrow (I believe). There was a difference of eight days between my DUC being generated and the dependent DUC’s.


That is the same experience we had - just about a week apart. (Late Dec / Jan) Cards took another 3 weeks or so to show up. Issued for 2 years.


Same here. Just heard from our lawyers that the DUC for my wife and daughter have been issued.

So the initial email (from AIMA to the lawyers) that the DUC for family would be released only after the card issuance for main applicant were not correct.


My experience is that the final confirmation e-mail came from Coimbra on 31.01.2024. The main applicant’s DUC payment was made on 25.03.2024. There is no progress regarding the payment for the family members. Which AIMA branch was your transaction made from? My lawyer said that he had problems with 5 more clients in Coimbra.

We are dealing with the Lisbon office.

We are also with the Lisbon office. The primary’s DUC was paid on 21st Mar and the DUC for family members were released on 1st.

Lisbon as well.

Some of you may recall that the first filing of our lawsuit was decided unfavorably at the middle/end of January. Our firm refiled with more details and justification, and I’ve just been notified that we have a favorable decision this time! The (translated) decision was:

"In accordance with the presented grounds, the current notification is deemed valid, and as a consequence, AIMA is hereby instructed to:*

*a) Within a period of 20 working days, adjudicate the residency authorization request for investment submitted by the Applicant. Subsequently, within 10 working days, decide on the family reunification petition."

We will see how this progresses from here in terms of the actual time, but I’m happy for a positive outcome.


Oh, and also for the folks who have paid recently (@selimakin @kramanat @DrNBC ), I remember seeing on another thread that fees have gone up, but that increase was cancelled out when you completed the process on line? Or something like that? If you don’t mind sharing, what was your experience with that (or level of fees)? Thanks!

We paid €6045.20 per applicant.

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Thank you!

Same. 6045.2.

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All the current fees are available in this section of the Golden Visa guide. It’s based on the fees that people have reported here as AIMA hasn’t even published the new fees on their website yet…


Thanks for that helpful link! I hadn’t gone back and looked at the guide for a while!

No, mate, two-and-a-half and counting! :slight_smile: Great article, though!

Thank you as well!

This thread caused me to check our DUC…for each of the three of us in last week of Dec and early Jan, it was 5798.68


Lawsuit filed april 2024 :slight_smile:

Lawyer recommended the normal route. I just follow his reccomendation.

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Not sure why not filing it as urgent case. It is worth paying extra to speed up process. Normal case might take months or year to be considered (from other NGers’ experiences).


From my lawyer. I already paid him. He doesnt believe urgency would work. And that it depends on the judge:

"We could request this, but at the end of the day, it will entirely depend on the judge. And it is strongly recommended not to try it.

Do bear in mind that this year will see many changes in AIMA, so, let’s monitor all the scenarios and keep you posted from now on.

Also, if AIMA improves with the new Governement and your pre-approval+appointment arrives before a positive Court ruling, we’ll accept this and abandon the judicial path."

I cannot force this person to do what he does not want to do. The lawyers price was below 1k euros. He says this price is slightly above pro bono and it is a courtesy price for the people that used their company for GV. Of course i prefer the urgent option. However, i must use the tools that are available.

If your lawyer says go ahead with urgency case then congratulations!