Is it Lawsuit time? (Processing times)

Wow, shame my lawsuit was rejected. I could have cardless final approval by now!

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No, the cards still have not been received by my lawyers. Another lawsuit may be only option if the situation doesn’t change

Boas malta,

My lawsuit was decided in my favor today - I’ll copy paste the relevant bits from my lawyer’s (AGPC Investments) email for reference

We have good news, the judge notified us today about the decision in your lawsuit.

Your request was granted and the judge decided that AIMA will have 15 days to issue a final decision on your GV application. After the approval, they need to provide you with the document to pay the card fees and after payment, AIMA will have legal 20 days to issue your cards.

It is important to note that AIMA’s deadline for a final decision will only start to run once at the end of the appeal period or once AIMA’s appeal has been received by the court.

This means that AIMA has until June 26 to appeal. We need to wait for it to move forward with the next steps.

If AIMA does not comply with the decision, we will be able to inform the judge and initiate execution proceedings, in which AIMA may be fined and held civilly and criminally responsible for non-compliance with the judge’s decision.

My personal read on this is that it is unlikely AIMA will appeal, given their court case backlog, but maybe. Perhaps that is related to some of why people get decisions in their favor and then nothing for a while, if their lawyers don’t make this clear?

At this point, this thread might be better called the Stage 4a or 3b Thread haha


No where near the delay that you are facing, but my lawyers finally received my card today after having told me that there was a backlog at the printers. So maybe it is clearing out? On the flip side, still no word about the approvals/DUCs for my dependents, so at least you have that settled for you!

Congratulations!! Finally! I know there is still waiting, but I also know you have been on a long road to this point, so great news!


According to Executive Digest who cites Público newspaper, the objective, according to the ruling signed by 10 Supreme Court judges, is to put an end to situations of indignity that have been created by AIMA’s lack of capacity to respond to requests.

The decision stems from a ruling by the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) which determines that AIMA must comply with the legal deadline of 90 days in applications for immigrant residence permits.

Thus, if AIMA employees are unable to resolve, in a timely manner, the court summons in this regard, the institution’s directors may have to pay out of their own pockets the fines that may be imposed on them by the courts…

Original Público (paywall) story is here.


Next update for our case. We received final approval today. See relevant dates below. Both main applicant and spouse approved

Application: November 5, 2021
Pre approval: June 2022
Biometrics: January 5, 2023 Portimão
Lawsuit filed: early December 2023
Won lawsuit: mid April (30 working days to make decision)
Final approval: June 7


I know this is a bit petty of me, but I really wish they do have to pay out of their own personal pockets. The incompetence has costed me dearly and I hope it hits them too.


This matches with language in my lawsuit yes. Something like the director and their assistant at fifty euro a day or something

Latest from my lawyers — AIMA informed them that they have issued the cards for my wife and child but not posted them yet…
I do know of cases where the postage of supposedly issued cards has never happened so not popping open the champagne just yet
It’s now been more than 90 days since paying the DUC for them


This is music to my ears, can you please share the exact wording?

I’ve posted it previously, search up the long post I made about my suit

Good to know. Thank you for sharing with us.

Message for everyone who has filed a lawsuit! :raised_hands:

You can now add in information about your lawsuit(s) to your timeline in the Golden Visa Timeline Database.

This way we’ll have a more organized way of comparing notes regarding the lawsuits.

You can see all the details others have added about their lawsuits all the way to the right in the “detailed view” of the database.


I’m trying to add details for my suit (filed today!) but I’m getting an error that the lawsuit date needs to be before the pre-approval date. Are you able to make that work for those of us who haven’t gotten to preapproval yet?

Thanks for the bug report! I think I’ve fixed it now—can you try again?

All set now!

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I got great news. I filed my lawsuit a month ago and I got a preliminary court ruling that the judge accepted my case and that SEF must respond in a week. Anyone know how long before a final ruling takes place?

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I waited several months but I believe typically it’s faster

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Government creating specialised immigration and asylum court - The Portugal News