Is it Lawsuit time? (Processing times)

Find other lawyers to file a lawsuit…
My lawyer filed mine last week!


I filed my urgent lawsuit three weeks ago and it got preliminarily accepted within two weeks. So I think courts are still accepting urgent ones, albeit they are definitely getting more stringent.

One lawyer told me that even a regular lawsuit will still speed up the process a little since SEF will be somehow notified. Also it will speed up the biometrics and card issuance, which I don’t think depends on the speed of solicitors but instead SEF itself. Some ppl here have take more than a year to get their biometrics and card.

Contact another law firm. I can tell you the one I used, which was really good.


Isn’t biometrics fairly regular now? Every 3-4 months, when they run out of appointments to get through, they open up again?

My lawyers (Abreu) filed an urgent action in late March of this year. So it does seem to be possible.


Hi. Anyone know if AIMA ever replies to a lawsuit on time? What happens if AIMA fails to reply within the court mandated timeframe?

So far for us, there is no penalty when AIMA failed to reply in time. We’ve filed with the Court YET AGAIN just in case.

Advice wanted: should I file a lawsuit for our kids?

2021 I applied and did biometrics.
2022 I received card and our 2nd child born.
2023 we applied for our kids family reunification
2024 my card expired. Lawyer suggested combo lawsuit to speed up our kids pre-approval and my renewal.

But validity is extended to 2025 now so not worried about my renewal. Should I still file a lawsuit to speed up kids pre-approval?

Pros: makes the start time for our kids citizenship clock more certain (5 years of GV to prove connection)
Cons: if citizenship clock starts from initial application (2023) then this is just wasted time/money.

Should I wait to see if regulations are published for when citizenship clock starts, and then maybe file a lawsuit? Regulations are due in July?

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Next update:

Application: November 5, 2021
Pre approval: June 2022
Biometrics: January 5, 2023 Portimão
Lawsuit filed: early December 2023
Won lawsuit: mid April (30 working days to make decision)
Final approval: June 7
DUC paid: June 11 (Lawyer called Portimão office the next day to get card printed ASAP)
Card received: July 4th
Card expiry - June 20 2026

Still waiting on my husband’s card


Hi Vichy,
I can’t seem to find a way to send you a private message. I’ve hired Edge to handle my application and I’m really curious what your experience with them was.

My husband received his card today 9th of July after I received mine on the 4th of July. This phase of our process is now complete. Now on to NHR.


My wife and 13-year-old son finally got their cards today. It’s been 3 years and 4 months. Only one outstanding is my 21-year-old daughter.
This is the dateline from start to finish.

March 2021 GV applications for myself, wife and minor son
October 2021 GV application for university-age daughter
November 2021 Pre-approval for myself, wife and minor son
February 2022 Pre-approval for university-age daughter
March 2022 Biometrics in the Azores for myself, wife and minor son
January 2023 Final approval for me, DUC paid
April 2023 I get my GV card
26.12.2023 Urgent summons filed for my wife and minor son
04.01.2024 Urgent summons for wife and minor son accepted
18.01.2024 We win court case- AIMA has 15 working days to give a decision on their GV applications
05.03.2024 AIMA gives final approval for wife and minor son, DUC paid
18.03.2024 Urgent summons filed for biometrics for university-age daughter
26.03.2024 Urgent summons for university-age daughter accepted
05.06.2024 Biometrics for university-age daughter in Lisbon
21.06.2024 Final approval, DUC paid for university-age daughter
09.07.2024 Cards delivered for wife and minor son


Congratulations and thanks for the detailed update.

Hello Vichy, I am going to hire a law firm to sue for GV delays. Can you share your experience with Edge? Thank you so much!! Ann W

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Pls see your inbox.

will reply to you privately.

I am contemplating filing a lawsuit so doing some research.

Soon it will be 90 business days since I attended my biometrics appointment. My application is still in the analysing stage. I require my residence card to travel for work so this is very frustrating. If I do not receive my card on day 90, I want to be ready to file my court papers.

Any advice on which lawyers or law firms to use will be much appreciated :pray:

@moose I am happy to share who I used for our lawsuits. Please DM me.

Are you willing to share what law firm you used?

If you send me a DM, I’d be happy to share via message.

Hi, I was just planning on using the lawfirm Mercan set me up with, IAS, to file the lawsuit. Anybody have any experience with them filing these lawsuits?

Also I got an email from Nomadgate recommending NSM Lawyers to do the lawsuit. Anybody have experiences with them? Searching the history I only see a couple people recommending them here. Are they really going to be better / more experienced than IAS at ARI lawsuits?