Last minute thoughts about NHR (European) - too late?

Having some last minutes thoughts about jumping on the NHR program but get conflicting information.

Is it enough to get a rental contract (6 months+) and apply before years end?

Take a look at this thread below for more information on the ways to qualify for NHR. I think you may be effectively too late. I believe for a rental contract to show means of moving to Portugal it had to be dated by the end of October. It’s a little conflicting here, look at the points of 1 and 2 in the link below. One argument is showing you intend to occupy that property by end of year, but for NHR it has the October date for the signing of the contract.

On paper, you can still use an employment contract signed by the end of the year or you can submit the application for any VISA/Residence permit by end of year so it is “In Process”. I do not know if gathering those documents is possible on this short timeframe.

Thank you, that makes sense. Will have to rethink and see what kind of new options are out there for 2024.

If living in Madeira is an option it looks like you can still get all the benefits of NHR 2.0.


Thats very interesting, thank you! That means I could think things through properly instead of trying to figure out something very rushed to apply for the old NHR.

For me I’m thinking about setting up a Estonian company as well (to create a capital growth machine where I invest most of my capital. And if foreign sourced dividends are still not taxed this is definately interesting.