LLC in the USA - Agency, Bank accounts, EIN etc

Hi, I’ve been a digital nomad for 6 years and a year ago I opened an LLC in the US. I have a marketing agency. The LLC was set up by my agent - an online platform to be specific.

It sounds quite easy at first to set up a company in the US. This and also ‘buying’ an address (to which mail can also be sent) was easy. But, in order for me to receive the mail and have it opened and emailed to me, I have to confirm that I am a real person - all with documentation (proof of registration, driving licence, etc.) issued in the US. I do not have this, so I cannot receive any mail. Also, no mail from the tax office, etc. Which are important documents.

I am wondering if I should part ways with my agent and hire a tax advisor in the US to handle this. What would be the best solution here?

I would like to take my company and my finances to the next level, but before that I should solve this problem.

P.S. My agent (the online platform) does not allow my mail to be sent to them. So this is not an option.

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@claudiasaurer , I don’t understand, your mail forwarder will not accept your passport as identification? I don’t suppose you live in (or have passport from) a U.S. sanctioned country, do you? Many of the EU-based mail forwarders such as Clevver, AnytimeMailbox and BPM-Lux have US addresses (usually at privately-owned mailbox companies such as Mailboxes Etc) and I don’t believe they will insist on a U.S. issued identification…and your non-US passport should suffice. Probably time to move to these companies.

Good luck!

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You are facing a requirement of the US Postal Service needed to deliver mail to an address that claims to be you.

For example, at, you will find this statement…

"To verify your identity and to establish a private mailbox, the USPS requires completion of the USPS Form 1583. The USPS Form 1583 is needed in order to establish a private mailbox in the United States. Most people are able to complete their form the same day they signup. "

Shoot them an email and ask…


Yeah, these mailbox services need firms to be notarized, but that can be done online. I have several traveling mailbox accounts and have used them for years.

It has been some years since I did this myself, but you should be able to use a foreign passport plus form 1583 as @Lagos mentioned. Both need to be notarized if you can’t show up in person at a USPS location in the US. Getting them notarized should be pretty easy and cheap in most parts of the world. I think I paid €15 for it in Portugal about 6-7 years ago.

Hey, thanks to everyone who answered my question. But it seems that my provider that I have chosen (Park Mail) is a little more complicated. They want two documents. One can be my passport and the second document must include the following:

A lease, mortgage, or deed of trust.
Voter or vehicle registration card.
Home or vehicle insurance policy.
Utility bill.
Form I-94, Arrival and Departure Record.

All of that is clearly to show that I am in the US.

I also checked USPS Form 1583 (thanks Lagos): they also want this…

The first form has to be one of the following:

A state ID card, such as a driver’s license
Passport (from the United States or another country) or Passport card
U.S. Permanent record card
Certificate of Naturalization
Armed Forces card
U.S. university ID card
Uniformed services ID card
Tribal identification card
The second form of identification can be an official document with your current mailing address, such as a utility bill, voter registration card, or vehicle registration.

These include:

Utility bill
Voter registration card
Vehicle registration card
Vehicle insurance policy
Home insurance policy
Deed of Trust
Form I-94, Arrival and departure record

I don’t see any way that I can have mail sent to me in the US. You?

They just need a document with an address. Credit card bill or bank statement work fine.

You don’t need to do anything at that address, and don’t have to set up anything to be forwarded to it.

The IRS will correspond with you in your own country as will banks and utilities. Do you really need a US mailing address as opposed to using your real address - especially for a company trading on line