Lost Card - Residency card

Good day all,
What happens if I lose my card? Can I get a new one printed?


The SEF advice is here: https://imigrante.sef.pt/en/renovar-residencia/art73/.
In the case of loss or theft, a copy of the complaint filed with the police is required. It is apparently possible to make the request for a replacement online (pedido de segunda via de autorização de residência pode ser formulado através de plataforma eletrónica) and presumably you or your lawyer can do this.
I have just seen that there is a cost and in the case of ARI, the cost for a second card was/is 2.662,50€


Would you pay the full fee to have a card that has been lost reissued?

Do you actually need the card? To qualify for citizenship, I believe you can get a letter from SEF, showing residency, so no need for the physical card.

To travel to PT for short trips, you can enter without the card on a US passport … or get a Schengen visa which is cheaper than the card if you have a passport that needs visa.

Seems you’d only need the card if living there. In which case, why bother with GV vs D7?