NHR fiscal residence document request by Tax authority spain to avoid taxation of pension

Anybody experience with this topic of fiscal residence certificate ? I provided the document ‚ÄúDomicilio fiscal‚ÄĚ to spain
but got this reply that I need a specific document referring to double taxation agreement between Spain and Portugal ?

deber√° aportar cada a√Īo un certificado de residencia fiscal expedido por la autoridad fiscal de su pa√≠s, en el que deber√° constar expresamente que el contribuyente es residente en el sentido definido en el Convenio y que es expedido con el objeto de evitar la doble imposici√≥n fiscal entre Espa√Īa y su pa√≠s de residencia

Hey Hola

I’m moving to Portugal I’m a Spanish Resident so what I was told was:

1-Get your Portuguese NIF and Rent a place

2-Go to Portuguese Tax authority whenever you have your Portuguese home address and fill the application to become tax resident

3- fill the Spanish 030 form to resign your tax residency status Agencia Tributaria: Modelo 030. Censo de obligados tributarios-Declaración censal de alta, cambio de domicilio y/o de...

4- Go to your embassy and notify you are living in Portugal.

If you did all the above Iassume they are asking you to provide the document so they can check every year if you are still living there.

actually my mistake , maybe good to indicate, I had sent the ‚Äúdomicilio fiscal‚ÄĚ certificate instead of ‚Äúresidencia fiscal‚ÄĚ and they automatically deducted 10% and now agreed to rectify , lucky I could get a contact by mail with the INSS.
I had already done the 030 but that was not enough even with residence certificate local and European in Portugal

and yes I got the usual warning also got from French Pension dept. to resubmit the ‚Äúresidencia fiscal‚ÄĚ single sheet document that I downloaded from the portal das finanzas (every year)