NIF Portugal

60 euros seems fine to me. Never used. Have you made an account with them?

would love to know if anyone has experience with them also.

I completed the paperwork without any undue difficulty. I’m waiting for the NIF to be delivered. They said it would take 5-10 business days; it has been 5 so far.

Update: another month has gone by and there has been no progress on my NIF request through A few weeks ago they replied that COVID was slowing down processing by the government. They have a banner on their site advising that processing has been slowed down by the virus but that all customers would be served eventually. They haven’t responded to my most recent inquiry within 24 hours.

I’d be delighted to hear about others’ recent experiences with obtaining a NIF through full service, high cost providers. We’re getting on toward “go time” in 2021 and I don’t want to linger forever in limbo. I’m ready to start throwing money at the problem if it will help.


You received your NIF recently?

Good news! My NIF has arrived. Everything looks fine.

That took longer than expected (since Nov 8), because of COVID I suppose, but the setup process was smooth and they delivered the expected outcome. I am planning to commence in January so the delay was acceptable for my purposes.

They responded to all customer service inquiries within 2 business days while I was anxiously awaiting this day. The confirmation message reiterates that they will forward any tax correspondence to me by email for one year. I presume that I can renew or change as expiration approaches.

cc @tkrunning

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Glad to hear that worked out. I stand corrected. :slight_smile:

I still don’t understand how they do that so cheap. This company is on the hook for you if you skip out on your tax obligations, and it seems to me they dont charge enough money there to cover their risk and the time to manage the NIF process.

I am at a loss to explain it.

As I understand it, the financial representative isn’t on the hook for your monetary obligations; that’s solely on the taxpayer. They’re just obliged to respond in a timely fashion to certain paperwork. My best guess is that someone worked out that all of this stuff is boilerplate, and that there’s an enormous economy of scale turning it into an assembly line. I believe they have a tax attorney on staff or on call for the requisite attestation interview and for the 0.1% of weird or novel cases.

They may also be test-marketing the service at a loss-leading price point to get this launched and collect some experience. Perhaps they will employ pricing theory to optimize the menu in years ahead.

Reading between the lines from the wording of polite responses to my occasional inquiries, they’ve been having a miserable time with the government slowdown. I suspect their customer service team has had the worst of it. My sympathies to everyone who’s having a bad time in this era. I strive to be understanding and only rattle cages when it’s vital. In this case the delay made me anxious, but didn’t interfere with my plans and timeline.

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Hi David! Did you use their services? Really appreciate if you share it with me :hugs:

Yes, nifonline worked fine for me; I am pleased with the service and the value.

The document verification call was scheduled promptly and completed smoothly. It took about a month to get the NIF because of government processing delays. I received my NIF document as expected. They assisted me with getting my online account set up with the tax authority (since I mixed up my NIF with the representative’s NIF.) They promptly forward scans of any documents received by postal mail.

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Question for the group. I checked with a few sources but couldn’t get a clear answer. If I apply for the golden visa with my wife and kids, do we all need to get a NIF? I realize once we live there we will all eventually need to get one, but for the initial GV application and renewals, does every family member need a NIF?

No. It is my understanding (I’m in month 2 of the journey) that only the GV applicant needs the NIF.

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Another online option that I’ve read others (in Americans and Friends PT FB group) having success with:

150 EUR/year

Has anyone worked with How are their service?

Thanks for the information. I would like to know, did you receive the temporary finance number? Did you pay any fees for the finance number? I am an EU resident but not EU citizen & I would like to apply for Portuguese finance number for myself and my wife. Please let me know if it works for us. Also let us know about the required documents for finance number! Thank you very much!

Just got my NIF done in two weeks by NIF Online


I decided to go with over as they were a lot more transparent about the following:

  1. Information about the founders
  2. An actual complete privacy policy, including information about the business entity.
  3. They have reviews for their main business, Designstaq, which are extremely positive (Facebook, Google)
  4. They were very responsive to questions I had about the service (same/next day responses)

I think the above factors were worth the premium over I could not find any information about the entities behind and that was very concerning to me.

I applied for an NIF through this March. It took them 1 business day to send over a document to grant power of attorney for the local Portuguese tax representative and I got the NIF the next business day! All in all it was 3 business days from payment to receiving my NIF.

I am extremely pleased with their service and would recommend them to anyone looking to spend a little more for transparency.

I went with nifonline. Super straightforward and got it in 5 days. Both are good options I guess.

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I couldn’t find an answer to my question anywhere, so here it goes. Is it normal to pay “annual fee” to keep your NIF? Say, I have a plan to move to Portugal at some point but not any time soon partially because of Covid but also I need to work for another few years before I become ready to move. Is there an advantage of obtaining NIF earlier even if you don’t live in Portugal anytime soon?

Thanks in advance!

I can’t imagine any advantage to getting NIF sooner if you don’t need it. People getting NIF are doing so because it’s needed for property purchase or investment or otherwise for something based in .pt.