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Hey! Do you know any organisations that have guaranteed time of making NIF? i really need it fast from the moment i apply, maybe there are even options with return of money if its delayed?

Lawyers can get them in about 2-4 days. But you will pay $$$$.

I don’t think anyone would offer you a refund for delay as any ‘expeditor’ firm are dependent on the PT tax offices and not in control of them.
Anyway, the fastest online option seems to be who promise to give you a NIF in 1 week for EUR150.
NIFonline is roughly twice cheaper and have a longer ETA of 20 business days (if I am not mistaken).
The most expensive but possibly the fastest would be your PT GV lawyer, but they may charge EUR500 or higher.

For now i found only e-residence website that offers money return, if i dont get my nif in 15 day. Did someone work with them?

Hiya - newbie here. Family of 2 adults and one 16 year old in NZ. Can I just get a NIF to start out with remotely via nifonline or bordr and organize the other 2 when we get to PT or is it advisable to get all 3 straight away? Looking at permanent residency down the track … :woman_farmer: :man_farmer:

2nd question is can we apply for the D7 once we arrive in PT or does that have to be done beforehand?

Thanks in advance - any comments welcomed!

Vinnie :slight_smile:

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Everyone needs their own NIF, should just get them all to start with.

D7 needs to be applied for in country of current residence, cannot be obtained within Portugal.

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My recommendation is to obtain all 3 NIFs remotely. There is no advantage for you in physically being in PT when you apply for NIF, as you would still need a local PT-based tax rep for each applicant.
All the online NIF intermediaries known on this forum will act as such reps. I had good experience with Nifonline last year.


All good - I ordered my one last night just to get the ball rolling. 2 to go then … :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone, I’m new here. I was wondering about the yearly fee with NIFonline. I’m looking into getting my NIF online in order to start processing my work contract remotely, however I will be moving to PT permanently in few months time. I understand the yearly fee is to “keep a representative”, in case someone doesn’t and won’t live in PT? Would I be able to opt out of the yearly fee once I move to PT? If so, how?

Hi Debora,

Yes, it’s possible to opt out if you don’t need the fiscal representation anymore. I’d recommend getting in touch with them directly for details how to do it.


hello how can i have this NIF certificate thanks for your help

There are various ways to get a NIF:

  • If you have a Portuguese fiscal representative, it’s possible to apply on ePortugal website (you need to insert the representative’s NIF to apply).
  • You can use a Portuguese lawyer to get a NIF—prices are usually €150 + VAT upwards.
  • You can use an online service provider like NIFonline—the price is €73.68 and you get fiscal representation as well. Using code “nomadgate” at the checkout gives you 10% off.

hi there - very helpful - so how did you hand the need for a fiscal representative? do they just charge you for that? thanks!

According to this announcement from July 2022, it looks like we do not need to appoint a tax representative if we are outside the EU and do not have any tax obligations.

That is true, having a continuous fiscal representative is not a requirement anymore, but it seems it may still be necessary to apply for the NIF in the first place. After that, it’s possible to opt for electronic notifications.

You’ll find more information about this in our article: Portuguese tax representation no longer required for non-EU residents | Nomad Gate