North Macedonia CBI Investment or Fee?

Hi All,

I’ve previously applied for Bulgaria and been screwed by them right at the last minute (the stories I could tell you!)

I now have a 1+ year application for Portugal but I’m keeping a close eye on other options … just in case!

I haven’t heard much about the North Macedonian program in years. The basic details are 200,000 euro investment into a fund or 400,000 into a business. One of the things that has always interested me, is the 200,000 a donation/fee or do you get your money back from the fund at some point.

Has anyone every managed to clarify that ?

Sounds pretty clearly like an investment fund to me, from what I’m reading

I’ve seen it described as a fund that invests in the national economy and I’ve seen nothing about the term of the investment, which makes me think it might be an investment in the economy that you don’t get back. Nothing is clearly written that you get your money back, which makes me suspicious.

What do you get for this kind of investment? Residence or citizenship straight away?

Does not seem like it’s an active program anyway… at least the 200k option isn’t real apparently…

Citizenship within about 3-6 months I believe.