Overstaying in EU (Portugal)

I am finishing up my 90-day stay in Portugal. When I booked my return flight, I didn’t realize it put me 3 days past the 90-day limit. It was purely a financial consideration because any other day of that particular week would have cost me an additional $800-$1400. In fact it was hard to find any day that didn’t cost an outrageous sum, and I am on a budget. Because I can’t get an FBI background check due to lack of fingerprints, I can’t apply for a D7 visa. So, I am living in PT every other 90 days as the US passport allows. Question: How much should I be worried about a 3-day overstay? Will they bar me from coming back? Fine me? What should I expect?

If all else fails, you can try to invoke the 60-day extension that is set out in an old treaty between Portugal and the USA, which is occasionally discussed in these forums. See e.g.

I did speak with a lawyer this morning who told me that as long as I was flying out of the country to a non-EU destination (in my case the USA), I shouldn’t have any problem. Good to remember that 60-day extension though. I completely forgot about it.

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Where you might have a problem is coming back in

But that’s probably very unlikely given how faint the passport stamps are in Portugal for some reason lol

Your lawyer is stating what is really practical here imo - no one in Lisbon will notice, even if they did since you’re leaving, it’s only 3 days, you’ve not been working or abusing the visa otherwise, they’ll let you pass. No one will count when you return in 91 days time either