Ponte Do Vau Project Feedback

Hello Mercan Group Investors,

One of the remaining options for Mercan 280k investments appears to be the Ponte Do Vau Hotel (PONTE DO VAU BEACH RESORT - Mercan Group). Has anyone invested in this (or) considering this?

I am in the process of investing in Ponte Do Vau.


I also invested in this project

I am also in the process of investing in Ponte Do Vau.

I am considering this one too. Any thoughts by those already invested ? I am not clear on the exit strategy and wondering if any of you have any concerns ?

I did it as well. Comforting to know others are in the same boat

Yes, invested and put in GV application under this already.

Honestly the location is great and other than the Lagos Marina/Lagos Beach properties this Vau beach location would be my choice given the potential of tourism in Algarve region. Most other options are too far in the interior or other random locations without much tourism potenti imo. If you’ve been to Benagil Caves as a tourist you know that the region is growing and absolutely in need of more bigger hotels and resorts.

Hopefully the project goes forward as expected without major issues because with the real estate option ending there won’t really be a good exit strategy otherwise. The hotel will have to be profitable for Mercan to be motivated enough to execute the buyback.

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I think they’re motivated by the buyback for multiple reasons. One, they won’t be able to get their value out either if there are tons of tiny investors who resist everything. It’s easier to sell it if they own the whole thing unencumbered. Second, they have projects in other countries such as in the United States for people trying to get American citizenship through golden visas. They wouldn’t want to risk their US business to screw one project over in Portugal in my opinion

Plus they make the bulk of their money in selling the operating hotel. GV investors are a means for cheap financing. Isn’t not in their best interest to mess with GV investors.