Portugal ARI fees increasing by 30% [but not really]

New fees published today. 30% increase across the board:

Analysis fee rises from €581,76 to €773.74
Initial card issuance fee rises from €5,812.12 to €7,730.11
Renewals fee rises from €2,906.62 to €3,865.79



Thank you @cj807 for sharing the above and I believe that changing fees is something out of our control however it will be great if it can be associated with an increase of efficiency/ recursion of waiting time for the while GV process. It is really unfair to pay such premium price while waiting up to 3 years from submission till first card issuance


These changes are effective October 29, 2023, for those of us who have a slight possibility of saving a few euros and receiving final approval after our Lisbon biometrics after waiting for 13 months.


For what it’s worth, I’ve asked my lawyer whether I might have a case to contest the higher fees, given that SEF has failed in its legal obligation to provide a decision on my application within 90 days, per 82(5) of the Aliens Act.


Good thought. Please let us know how it goes. I’m no longer optimistic that things are not going to continue to take longer and cost more than anyone anticipated.

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Gee I wonder if SEF will become 30% faster?

Or are we just continuing to be swindled by a program the government doesn’t want to run?

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How is this not a Retroactive change that everyone in Portugal promises cannot happen?

It’s a 30% increase for all visa related fees, including non-GV fees too. Do you think they can never increase fees for anything because that would be “retroactive”?

If the cost of a lawsuit is lower than the cumulative extra cost of the fees over however many renewals, seems smart.

In the context of renewal determining the conversion of ARI to a D2 visa, these fees would potentially no longer apply. I don’t see listed fees specific for the D2 visa in this update but the normal D2 fee is 155 euros. - substantially less than the ARI fees. So, someone who gets approved now may save many thousands (approx 12,000 per person) in euros.

That would be amazing but i suspect they’ll still apply the GV fees. Fingers crossed they miss the fee difference when they draft the regulations.

Good points. I hope this is the case, but I am doubtful they will not find a way to charge the higher price even though we are now supposed to get D2 visas.

Please let us know what you hear. Certainly worth pursuing.

I’ve asked my lawyer the same thing, we’ll see.

When I invested in the GV program, I expected:

  • My funds would be tied up around 5.5 years, maybe 6 at the outside. I’m very diligent about getting documents and applications done quickly.
  • In 5.5 years I would be able to get permanent residency or citizenship if I learned the language
  • When I eventually moved to Portugal, I would be able take advantage of the NHR. I’m from the US, so it doesn’t save me from paying taxes. It just stops me from paying higher taxes. None the less, it was part of my plan.
  • I thought the GV visa fees were high, but could accept them.

Fast forward 2.5 years. I have not gotten my residency card. The 5 year clock has not even started. The NHR is being removed. And now the GV fees are 30% higher: they used to be 11.624 per person. Now it is now 15.461 per person. What is next? A wealth tax, like Spain? Removal of the Citizenship or Permeant Resident option after 5 years? I am not happy about this, and I often think of a motto: “Go where you are treated best”. Maybe the time has come to re-evaluate things, as we are certainly not being treated well. My investment only has 2.5 years to go before I can cash it out. Everyday SEF delays, I get closer to selecting a different option.


he’s not wrong…


I’m thinking the same. Perhaps just forget about GV and hope the funds return the capital. Almost time to cut my losses.

If you have an alternative path to a European passport without stay requirements I’m all ears


Wouldnt surprise me if they add a time-on-the-ground requirement to citizenship before I even get my first card.

Be honest, do you really still see Portugal as providing that by the time you would be able to apply for citizenship? Kinda feels like maybe we will miss the boat.

I think you and others here are absurdly pessimistic

I don’t really blame you in particular since you are facing not even getting your money back but that’s on you and your decision making, not the program