Portugal ARI fees increasing by 30% [but not really]

Hopefully this also implies online GV renewals will be a permanent feature!

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I’ve seen one person who got a final approval since the fee increase, who said that he was asked to pay the old fees. I can’t now remember where I saw this discussed though unfortunately!

Hi Chris,

Have you had any updates from your lawyer about recourse if your visa has been delayed for a long period of time and the delay leads to needing to pay the increased fees?


Do we have any data points of GV applicants who have been charged and paid the increased fee yet?

Yeah, see this thread:

Looks like the discount applies to the initial card issuance as well, so no fee increase at all (unless you somehow manage to submit an offline application).

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It will be interesting to see what happens when they finally get around to final approval on those paper applications that some lawyers submitted between January and June 2022 when the SEF portal was not working. Wonder what fee those will have.

I’d still like to see some more data points for the reduced 25 percent off fee for the first card before declaring for sure that there is no 30 percent increase in fees generally.

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