Portugal Banks: Atlantico vs Bison?

Hi all, wondering if anyone has experience selecting a bank for investment fund transfers? We’re using GCS and they recommend either Bison bank or Atlantico – or using an escrow account for real estate transfers.

An escrow account would be our top choice as it has the fastest turn around time (and we all know time is of the essence right now). But, as a backup, we need to select one of the others (Bison or Atlantico).

Any relevant experiences to share to help decide?

Bison seemed reasonably quick and responsive for Portugal, though not good by American standards

Then again I’m also waiting on some American financial institutions so maybe it’s just everywhere now

Nuno at Bison is fantastic with service and responsiveness.

However, Bison is an investment bank not a retail one. So if you’re looking for a credit card or to walk in to their branch and make a withdrawal, that’s not the bank for you.

I bank with Atlântico and have had no problems. Tried Bison too at Holborn’s direction, but KYC procedures for both were a PITA so once one was up and running I let the other go.