Portugal D7 Visa Approval Timeline

Hello everyone,

I am Shree from India and I have applied for D7 visa from VFS Delhi on Sept 14th 2022. I would like to know the status and timelines for visa approval specifically from Asian countries.
Currently it is 8 months from visa application! I hope it speeds up! Any update on the status would be appreciated.


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Hi Shree, This is Tony. I have a friend who is also applying for D7 and she is from Bangalore. Just wanted to get in touch with you to exchange some notes on this. I too am in Bangalore and I am applying through golden visa route. If you are ok to be in touch do share your number privately and we can whatsapp

Hi Shree,

I am also planning to apply in Jan.2023. Please share your experience related to long term lease agreement, which is required for D7 visa. Currently, I am at the stage of getting NIF and opening of bank account.

Waiting for your response.

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Did you receive any update on your D7 status? We have applied for D7 on Sep12th from Delhi.

Hey @anthony.pinto12 sorry I totally missed this message.
I do not have any info on golden visa, so I may not be of much help!

@swara no update yet! I was hoping someone will post here with positive result!! :sweat_smile:

ok thanks. All the best

@shrinidhister, We are hoping too :slight_smile: