Portugal D7 Visa Approval Timeline

Hello everyone,

I am Shree from India and I have applied for D7 visa from VFS Delhi on Sept 14th 2022. I would like to know the status and timelines for visa approval specifically from Asian countries.
Currently it is 8 months from visa application! I hope it speeds up! Any update on the status would be appreciated.


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Hi Shree, This is Tony. I have a friend who is also applying for D7 and she is from Bangalore. Just wanted to get in touch with you to exchange some notes on this. I too am in Bangalore and I am applying through golden visa route. If you are ok to be in touch do share your number privately and we can whatsapp

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Hi Shree,

I am also planning to apply in Jan.2023. Please share your experience related to long term lease agreement, which is required for D7 visa. Currently, I am at the stage of getting NIF and opening of bank account.

Waiting for your response.

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Did you receive any update on your D7 status? We have applied for D7 on Sep12th from Delhi.

Hey @anthony.pinto12 sorry I totally missed this message.
I do not have any info on golden visa, so I may not be of much help!

@swara no update yet! I was hoping someone will post here with positive result!! :sweat_smile:

ok thanks. All the best

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@shrinidhister, We are hoping too :slight_smile:

Hi Shree,

How you have done long term lease agreement. As timeline of getting visa is uncertain, how to decide the start date of the lease agreement ?
Currently we are in Porto for getting the lease agreement, difficult to get one, which can start after 5 months.Please suggest.

You will need to pay for the months you are waiting for the visa. Most landlords will not keep an empty apartment for several months with the possibility that the renter will not come after all.

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Hi Swara,

Any updates regarding approval of your visa. I am planning to apply and will estimate time line, based on your experience.

I applied to E3 in October 2021, and I did not hear back for 6 months. Then I had to withdraw my application and apply for Schengen as I needed to enter Portugal immediately for a business reason. (The officer told me to withdraw the E3 application because it was not possible to make multiple applications simultaneously) Got my Schengen in a week. And then, in October 2022, I applied to D7 this time, hearing it’s much easier, and I got my visa five weeks later (just two days before the intended travel date).

Now I am trying to book an appointment at SEF, which looks nearly impossible, and thinking about what’s gonna happen if I stay without a residence permit or an appointment.

This is my story, hope it helps.

I guess you have four months to get residence permit from SEF.

From which country, you applied D7 visa?

Yeah, after four months, uncertainty begins.

I applied from Turkey.

Hi Kane,

I am facing problem to get rent agreement without a guarantor in Portugal. How you managed the rent agreement?

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Pay in advance then no need the guarantor. If you rent 12 months, then pay 12 months in advance to the landlord. It will not need guarantor anymore.

In the case of D7, I did not present a rent agreement, but instead, I carefully explained why in my motivation letter.

My argument was since I’m not in Portugal now, it’s hard for me to find a suitable apartment, and I don’t know when the visa will get issued, and I don’t know how many months the rented property will be unused, thus wasting resources. So instead, I booked a hotel for one month and said, I am going to secure a long-term rental once I get to Portugal. And they found this argument reasonable, so they granted me a D7.

I suggest you do the same. You don’t know, maybe you will not get a D7 at all, then all the money will go down the drain.

@shrinidhister have you heard back on your D7 ?
We have not received any update.