Portugal Golden Visa - The New Law of 2023

If I recall correctly, in early Jan 2023, automatic renewal for cards due to expire in the 1st trimester of 2023 was opened. SEF specified that this would be continued throughout 2023.
Online renewals were opened in April 2023 for those with cards expiring until end June.
In July 2023, automatic renewals were opened until end Sept 2023, for cards expiring within those dates.

It is likely that automatic renewal will open in October for cards expiring in the last trimester of 2023.
Hang in there, youā€™re almost at the finish line. A short time to wait if your (last?) expiry is 4Q2023.

Incidentally, the revision to the law (whenever it passes) does not appear to have any bearing on automatic renewalsā€¦ Long may they (automatic renewals) last!