Portugal GV NEST fund, update

Yes, you right. I fee its MR is completely contradiction with their presentation. I might find a slot to ask Quadrantis to clarify such key issues.

especially they say they may leverage to up 80% of total asset under their mgmt. If so, is there any different btw New Age and Hedge fund?

You say that as if hedge funds are bad. Or that leverage is unusual. Look through the prospectus of your average ETF, and you will see that many major ETFs employ leverage. Most bond funds you see use significant leverage; that’s how they manage to get 3-5% yield on bonds in a 1-2% environment.

But you have no idea how they’ll apply the leverage, of course, so that’s an issue.

Yes, Jeff, that’s why I keep cautious on their leverage level.

Met with Blue Crow this week. Currently in the top 2 on our list. We like their track record and experience. Good at raising money and have a diverse portfolio. Their returns seem realistic and they pay a nice expected annual dividend. Only concern is their plan to possibly take the fund public in 2023 - may be a bit risky for me.


Hi Jackson, have you compared the other things, the key questions for anyone to consider will be
Hi ,
-How much is the expected rate of return, or how much was the last year rate of return.
3-What will be the exit strategy ?
4-Fund is for 6 years?
5- What are the setup costs if any?

Hi Larry Ward,

Taking a fund public will be a good thing? Because it brings more transparency and scrutiny? More exposure to capital market for it to acquire more assets and generate more return?


If you want more fund options. We just just vetted one new fund in addition to Blue Crow and NEST, which many of you know already. This new fund invests in life science, health care companies. Target return of 10-15% IRR with 4-5 years holding period and the possibility to trade the units at the end of the GV at 0% capital gains tax. Already backed by European Investment bank.

Let me know if you are interested in this.
subscription close end of April 2021 or earlier if target fund amount is reach.


Received an update from OptylonKrea. The Nest Capital Fund closed its subscription with 149 investors from 18 countries and €52,2 million equity raised during 2020.