Any GV Investors in Rossio Palace?

Hi all,

Any investors in Rossio Palace here? Please respond on this topic if you would like to share information and tips for others considering an investment in Rossio Palace. Also perhaps this can turn into a community of co-investors!

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I am currently considering this investment and would be interested in hearing what others have to say!

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They were on my shortlist. As far as the “Hotel Pool” category goes (which also includes Mercan), I thought Rossio Palace was the best in that category and a much better financial investment than Mercan and others, because Rossio splits the capital gain 50/50 with you and offers income as they operate (You get neither with Mercan’s 280k category, of course people go with Mercan because I’d give them the #1 rank for changes you’ll get approved for the Visa).

I researched Rossio’s Project Manager and the Hotel Advisor and had great respect for their public record and transparency of their offering.

Ultimately Hotel Pool investment wasn’t my preferred style, but if I was in a rush for time I’d use them as well as they seem to be very cluey on how to do things quickly and gave me advice to speed up some processes with the investment I ended up choosing.

This is super helpful information. Thanks so much!

We are trying to decide if we want to do the Hotel Style or funds. We had mostly ruled out hotels because of the zero upside and our sense that it was overvalued. Rossio may be worth a second look given what you’re saying.

May I ask what you ended up doing instead?


There are several 280K non-Mercan deals out there. Rossio is on our shortlist. They have some of the best benefits of all the deals out there and they appear to be quite transparent.

Our key concern is the location. The developer has the right answers about the benefits of being so isolated but we don’t know the area well enough to know if it’s a popular tourist destination. Have a look at them on Google Earth and you can see the isolation of the city they are in.

If they were in the Algarve with the same terms it would be an easy decision.


One nice thing about Rossio is that the main building already exists — they’re renovating it and building some new stuff in the back. To me, that signals lower risk.

For anyone curious, I recommend watching their webinar, which doesn’t seem to be linked in many places: “Navigating the Golden Visa Ending in Portugal—Facts & Myths”

(I was looking into Rossio over Mercan for a bit, but I think I’ve decided that the only GV path that makes sense for me is actually buying/renovating a property. So will have to see if there’s still time a few months from now.)

Moderator edit: Rossio Palace webinar link changed to their more recent webinar.


Great discussion here!

  1. Buying a property and renovating it has its own challenges regarding the time to conduct due diligence and close the deal. Since time is of the essence here, I am not considering that route for now unless there is already a developer who is offering freehold units instead of shares in the property.

  2. Rossio offers an annual yield of 4-6% and 50/50 share of capital gains unlike the Mercan investments, so there is that draw for me too towards Rossio. However, I see these risks: no guaranteed buyback and possibility of holding the investment for a long term, track record of developer, unsure what happens to the investment of GV application if there aren’t sufficient number of investors for the project to be viable.

  3. I saw this list of real estate investment projects for GV on Nomad - not sure how updated this is as of today, but thought I would share if anyone is interested -

Also another one here:

And here:

  1. Does anyone have a list of Due Diligence questions used in the assessment of these projects? If so, I would appreciate it if you could share them with me. I am pulling together a spreadsheet with my assessment. Below are some considerations I am using. Happy to share the file if anyone is interested as well.

  2. If there are a bunch of us interested in one specific property, and we can pool our collective efforts towards that investment, that would be great as well.


We keep this list continuously updated, removing the sold-out projects and adding new ones when launched. We pretty much monitor it daily. Still, in case anyone notices something that needs updating let me know.

The other mentioned lists are 1-2 years old with some projects that are sold out by now.

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Thank you, Hanna!

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Is there a reason why there is not much of a response to this thread? Are people on this forum not using this investment vehicle?

We looked closely at Rossio Palace. It is very cleverly marketed and beautifully designed. We looked closely at the 2 principals - Filipe and Matilde. You can easily find their other businesses in Denmark as well as her companies in the Danish registry. Rossio Palace was registered in Denmark in 2017. We suggest that anyone looking at Rossio Palace to investigate their businesses in Denmark. Yes Filipe lives in Denmark.

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This is a beautifully-worded post

I am not sure I understand your post! Do you mean this is possibly a good investment or the opposite? Did you invest with them or did you discover something negative in your Danish research?

I can’t suggest someone invest or not invest in any particular project. Personally, I found that on-the-face-of-it the Rossio Palace looked very attractive (and I am familiar with the area). And personally, I value a track record. Each person should do their own research as their tolerance of risks may be different than mine. You can easily find Matilde K Jakobsen’s profile on Linked-in as well as other information about her, likewise for Filipe Leal (though take care to find the right Filipe). You can also check the Danish Business Registry which in Danish is CVR (Der Central Virksomhedsregister) if you wish where you will find that Rossio Palace ApS was formed in 2017 and Rosenborg Properties ApS in 2022. An ApS requires 40.000DK capital which is roughly $5800 USD. How you weigh any info you find is 100% up to you.


Who else here is (going to be to) invested in Rossio?
Let’s create an email/WP group to keep in touch?


Its one of the options I am looking at so happy to connect as well

there is a mercan specific group (not on nomadgate) but if you search nomadgate you can find a link to it. In it, they discuss all things mercan, including people who invested in Rossio.

I’ve started setting up private investor groups hosted on Nomad Gate now since it seems to be a common request. Should I set up one for Rossio? If you want to join just DM me and I’ll add you!

Yes, interested as well, please!

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Yes thomas add me too to the rossio private group

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