Investaureum (vs. La Vida Golden Visa vs. Mercan)

Hi all, I know there’s a thread on La Vida vs. Mercan.

I now came across Investaureum. They seem to have more projects in remote parts of Portugal. The fees are similar other than an additional E5,000 “Hospitality & Management project fee 6/7 years”.

Does anyone here have experience with Investaureum? Or anyone having actually gone through with La Vida or Mercan? If so, could you please DM me. I’ll be going to Portugal and June and would like to set some meetings up with some of these agencies to vet them.


Hi Pato,

While I don’t know any investors with La Vida or Investaureum yet, many if our readers have invested with Mercan. They have created a discussion group for Mercan’s clients and people interested in their investment options. You can join the group here.


I’d love a link to the discussion group please. I’m also looking at investaureum but can’t put much about them.