Anyone else invested in Greenview interested in starting a group?

Hi, I am potentially investing in the Greenview project by the Verge developers. I know a few others who also invested. Is there anyone else on this platform that is investing in Greenview? I am planning to start a WhatsApp group if there are enough people.

hi i haven’t heard of this project! I am looking at Mercan but am turned off by their buyback provision. What else are you considering?

Not much else. Mainly this and another hotel project by TLG.

Why are turned off by their buyback provision. Is it a force to sell your investment to them even if are not prepared to. I also invested in same though. Can we arrange a wassap group then for a common objective?

If you are interested to get your money back from your investment, Mercan can refuse to give it back to you and there is NOTHING you can do. That’s a problem. In 7-10years there will be lots of hotels for sale and who knows if they can sell your hotel?

There’s already a private investor group for Green View which can be joined here: