Private Investor Groups

Hi everyone,

Lately, I’ve noticed an increasing number of requests for creating a non-public space for investors into the same fund or real estate project to discuss various aspects of the investment, such as:

  • How to do your relevant tax filings
  • Any parts of the contract language to watch out for
  • Sharing photos or other progress reports
  • Discuss proposed fund extensions or other topics that will be voted on

While there are many places to host groups, I think Nomad Gate is a good place for a few reasons:

  • Everyone here already has an account (not everyone is on every messaging app)
  • You can interact with the groups via email, the website, or through our progressive web app on iOS and Android
  • No need to share your identity, phone number, or email address with other group members unless you choose to
  • Group members can easily see questions about their investment that are posted outside the private group (such as questions from others considering the same investment) without admitting those that are only “curious” about their investment into the private group
  • You have full control over the notifications you receive via email, on your phone, or in your browser

So I’ve created groups for the most common investments among Nomad Gate members. By default the first person to request or join a group becomes the group owner.

Each group consists of a private forum as well as a private real-time chat feature. The forum can be interacted with via a dedicated email address (e.g. for creating new topics directly via email).

Join the relevant private investor groups here :point_down:

:warning: Click here for an updated list of private groups (I won’t update the below list anymore)


Fund managers (w/ multiple funds)

Real estate projects

Real estate developers (w/ multiple properties)

You can suggest more groups here :point_left:

If you have any feedback, suggestions for improvement, or questions, please leave it below or hit me up directly.


Would love to see one for Shilling and Portugal Ventures/Kigeni.

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The lakhani group…they now have palacio do sal and raihotel projects

The Quantum Capital and Shilling Fund groups are now open for applications.

@A068 and @consultant2b if you want other groups please submit the form at the end of the original post.

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The groups for ActiveCap and The Lakhani Group are now available.

Can you do one for ando living

Sure, please request it in the new group form:

Form to request creation of new private investor groups