Need for an GV investor association

In light of the challenges we face as participants in the Golden Visa program, I propose the establishment of an organization dedicated to promoting our collective interests and highlighting the positive impact we bring to Portugal. It is essential to recognize that lawyers and developers may not always act in our best interests, as their focus may lie primarily in attracting new applicants to the GV program rather than ensuring the successful completion of the process for current investors. Moreover, if we do not actively shape our own image, we risk being unfairly portrayed by politicians who might use us as scapegoats for issues like the housing crisis to further their own agendas. By forming an organization, we can address these concerns, dispel misconceptions, and engage with local communities in meaningful ways.

The primary goals for this organization would include:

  1. Raising public awareness about the benefits GV investors bring to Portugal: By securing press coverage and promotional spots, we can effectively communicate the economic advantages and opportunities we provide to the Portuguese people, thereby challenging the notion that we are a social burden and countering any negative portrayal by politicians.
  2. Ensuring transparency and accountability: We must emphasize the importance of delivering on the promises made to GV investors and educate the public on the potential consequences of mistrust, which could deter future investment and hinder economic growth in Portugal.
  3. Coordinating legal action if necessary: The organization would provide a platform for GV investors to collaborate on potential lawsuits against parties who fail to act in our best interests, ensuring that our rights are protected and upheld throughout the investment process.
  4. Engaging with local communities: By participating in volunteer initiatives and other social activities, we can demonstrate our commitment to contributing positively to Portuguese society, fostering goodwill and forging stronger ties with our neighbors.
  5. Organizing events and activities for GV investors: To help us connect and share our experiences, our organization can coordinate a range of activities for investors while they spend time in Portugal, offering opportunities to network, learn, and enjoy the country’s rich culture and history.

I encourage all interested parties to consider this proposal and contribute their ideas and resources. By working together, we can ensure that our investments not only benefit ourselves but also contribute to the ongoing growth and prosperity of Portugal while actively shaping our public image in a positive light.


@potentcatalyst This seems like a good idea TBH. Some of us are forming our own local groups and contacts. There seems to disparate groups over FB, email, Whatsapp etc. No central group of allied interests exclusively of only the investors. A global central group might help move forward our interests. Were you thinking of a formal association registered in Portugal or an informal group of investors over WhatsApp or email groups?

Is there a WhatsApp group that you’re aware of for people who invested into funds? Thanks.

@goner00brained I am aware of a group that have already invested and maintain a spreadsheet to track their progress on the application. I have asked the owner of the spreadsheet to add a column to identify what investments - funds, real estate or otherwise - so folks within the same investment can discuss matters within their own investments. I dont have that readily available but can hunt for it if you would like. It may very well be Nomadgate somewhere as well.

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