Association of GV Investors

I strongly feel that we should form an association of the investors in the Golden Visa Program in Portugal. This will give us a platform to reach out to the SEF and other Government Ministries. The association will also carry more weight with media and on social media.


How European. It’s not a bad idea to unionize because Portugal understands that approach. But I fail to see how it can make an impact. The association can go on strike, but to what end and who will care?

Frankly speaking, if this forum is a representative cross section of people who might join such a union, I want to be as far away as possible. Tons of crazy


I’m afraid @cd6bb2530c2233700f2a may be right, I don’t think association would have any leverage.

I have been calling for an organization for almost a year now. I think it is necessary given we need to battle the system for at least a decade to get the citizenship. If we are divided, we will be treated as if we do not exist.

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I am open to the idea.

I know it’s not the right place to ask but since everyone’s been not happy with GV:
I’m on D7 in Portugal since 3 months and I feel like I will not be able to fulfill the stay requirements. Do you think I should start the GV process any cons to it? And how long will it take…

Appreciate your feedback!

AKhan - You can read all through the various threads on this to find the “cons” to the process. It takes longer than we thought it would to get to the residence card issuance and the process is very opaque. You are now past January 2022, so (in most cases) your investment will be higher than it would have been pre-January. The future of the program is in doubt, though I believe the general hope among current GV investors is that anyone who is already “in the system” will be able to complete the program (that is certainly our hope).

For us, we spent about 8 months investigating the program, various investment opportunities, law firms, and advisors. Once we decided on the type of investment we wanted to do (a venture capital fund) and chosen our lawyers, it took us about 2 more months to get all of our paperwork together, the money transferred, and the applications submitted. From there, it was 2 months to pre-approval (that time appears to be longer for those in this process - our friends completed their paperwork on December 30 and still do not have pre-approval, for example). So that was one full year.
Now, fully one year after application submittal (10 months after pre-approval), we have biometrics appointments (scheduled a few months from now, but the delay was at our request). There will then be a delay before we obtain our residence card. My hope is that will be 3 months or less, but I have heard where it can take much longer.

Obtaining the residence card is when the 5-year residency period begins.

So I think you should expect that the process from application to residence card will take between 18 months and 30 months to get to the point that your 5-year clock starts. So all in, roughly 6.5-7.5 years. All-in 7 year process is what we are anticipating.


Thank you for the detail reply, appreciate it.

I think I will stick to my D7. 2+ years is a long time plus with all the hicups.