Converting from D7 to Golden Visa!

Just wondering if anyone has had experience first moving to Portugal with a D7 and then changing after some time to the Golden Visa (e.g. in case you can no longer stay in Portugal for the required durations to qualify for Portuguese citizenship or your kids move outside of Portugal and you’d like to still obtain Portuguese citizenship for them).

A follow-up question assuming this kind of conversion is even possible: If you start with D7 and then switch to GV, can you still apply for permanent residency/citizenship after 5 years total (e.g. 2 year under D7 and 3 years under GV) or do you need to wait for your full GV period to complete before being able to apply for citizenship?

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I also want to know. Is it possible to convert from D7 to GV?

As far as I know, there is no law that expressly allows for conversion of D7 to GV. So it comes down to you are going to be subject to the whim of the inspector hearing your case. You can argue that you should get credit for the years you already lived in Portugal. Based on what I know I think that is a losing argument since the GV is a separate construct. I am not a lawyer though so you should talk with someone who can tell you for sure.

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I am now interested in doing the opposite i.e. converting from GV to D7 :joy:

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I am a lawyer, but not a Portuguese one, so you should definitely check with a Portuguese one, but I think you should be able to “get credit” for the time under either your D7 or GV.

The relevant portions of the law (Article 6) and the regulations implementing the law (Article 19) both just say that you have resided in PT for at least the required number of year (currently 5, but was 6 prior to 2018), and do not distinguish between types of visas. (And the GV counts as “residing” even though it’s only 7 days/year on average).


Organic Law No. 2/2018 - ARTICLE 6 - Requirements
1 - The Government may grant Portuguese nationality, by naturalization, to foreigners who cumulatively meet the following requirements:
a) Be of legal age or emancipated under Portuguese law;
b) Have resided for at least six years in Portuguese territory or under Portuguese administration;
c) Have sufficient knowledge of the Portuguese language;
d) Have moral and civil integrity;
e) Possess the capacity to govern their person and ensure their livelihood.

Portuguese nationality regulation - Article 19 - Naturalization of foreigners residing in Portuguese territory
1 - The Government grants Portuguese nationality, by naturalization, to foreigners when they satisfy the following requirements:
a) They are older or emancipated under Portuguese law;
b) They have legally resided in Portuguese territory for at least six years;
c) Know the Portuguese language sufficiently, in accordance with the provisions of article 25;
d) They have not been convicted, with final judgment of the sentence, for committing a crime punishable by a maximum prison sentence of three years or more, according to Portuguese law.
e) Do not constitute a danger or threat to national security or defense, due to their involvement in activities related to the practice of terrorism, under the terms of the respective law.


Thank you Kevin! Great information. If anyone in this community has actually gone through the process of switching from D7 to GV (or GV to D7) please share your experience and knowledge.

@arasekhi I am in the same situation. I am currently a D7 visa holder, resident in PT, and looking to apply for GV to allow for more flexibility for me and my family in the future. Did you end up applying for the GV and were you successful in obtaining it? Any other tips as I look to go through the same process?

I spoke with EDGE on the qualifying duration for PR/Citizenship without differentiating any residence permit. I was told that as long as you can demonstrate you have been ‘legal resident’ for a total duration required, you are eligible to apply for PR/Citizenship. Of cos you need to comply with stay requirement of respective residency in order to qualify/maintain legal resident status.

Hi Ed, we decided to proceed with the D7 route and for now have put the GV process on hold. We may reconsider it once we are actually living in Portugal and see what the needs of our family are and hopefully see the current GV bottleneck improve over time. Of course, not doing it by the end of this year means that we will no longer be able to invest €350K in funds (going to €500K) or invest in properties in Lisbon/Porto/coastal areas. For now and for us, it was the right thing to defer it, but we may reconsider in a year or two.