Getting D-7 whilst waiting for Golden Visa

I have heard that getting a D7 is much quicker than GV.

Our lawyers have told us that starting a second application whilst waiting for the GV is not a good idea. But we are at our wits end here, with no end in sight on the GV.

Can anyone comment on if they’ve done this? What are the real dangers?

Thank you!

Presumably if you start the D7, it would end your GV application. That said, if you want to move to Portugal and can abide by the D7 days in Portugal requirement, seems like it would be a good move. Not only will you get your residency card quicker, but future renewals are all online rather than another 2-3 year renewal wait time for GVs.

Apparently the d7 and the GV are different departments. Don’t necessarily know about each others applicants. Maybe that changes next year with the move out of SEF

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True. But I also only expect it’s 50/50 whether the move out of SEF completes next year.

I am also considering first getting D7 and then switching to Golden instead of renewing the D7, because I hate my rental property whose rental income would be the basis of my D7 application and plan to sell it before moving to Portugal. So I’m also wondering about the ease of switching.

If we cancelled GV application, after pre-approval, then switch to D7, then pick up GV again - is there any thinking that it will be quicker having already gotten pre-approval before?

The issue I have with D7 is first of all, the requirement to have a 12 month lease at the time of application, when you don’t even know if the visa will be approved or when you will get to move. Also, I hate my rental property, whose income would be the basis of my D7 passive income, and plan to sell it right before moving, so I am worried about not being able to renew my D7 visa when it comes time to renew, without having rental income to show. That’s why I’m actually considering the Digital Nomad visa when more details are available, but the problem with that is what if I get laid off from my job? The appeal of Golden Visa to me is it does not require you to prove income.

Hello Nik, did you end up applying for the d7 while waiting for GV approval? My attorney has also told me that it is not a good idea. But I have read on the forums where people have held both the d7 and GV residence permits at the same time.


I have the same info …some folks have done it, but it is not technically allowed. Considering the current state of things, it is now even more dangerous than ever to jeapordise an existing application.

Hi Nik, So are you currently stuck in Portugal awaiting your GV residency cards? I bought my house already and my lawyer is about to submit my GV application, just awaiting a letter from the bank. At the same time, I have a SEF interview coming up (from a d7 visa approval) in April. I was just debating whether I should cancel that SEF appointment before GV application submission, since the government announced yesterday that GV applications after Feb 16 wont be accepted anyways.

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Hi Kenneth.

The government announcement is not law yet - is only a starting proposal. But regardless, if you have no need for the advantages of GV over D7 (i.e. you intend to live there full time anyway), then there is not much point to pursuing the GV anyway…

If Marcelo approves the new law, I will wait some time for explanation and process of conversion to D2, but think about switching to D7, instead of renew. The only thing is to check that my previous GV and new D7 could be combined against citizenship

What is the current timeline for a D7 visa please?

I ask because my lawyer submitted my GV application in March this year (2023), relating to the renovation of a historic commercial building, and the processing time especially with SEF changes in October might simply be too long. Two years is probably being very optimistic.

I already have a residential property in Portugal, so proof of residence would not be a problem.

It seems that increasing numbers of people waiting does not translate in any attempt at faster processing!

Much appreciate any advice.

I’m not sure what the current timeline is, but as someone who is currently D7 and moving to GV, I can tell you this: an unadvertised benefit of the D7 is that as soon as you get your residency card, the citizenship clock starts ticking. In my case, my D7 will expire in a year. I’m hoping that my GV is in place by then, but if it’s not and my D7 lapses, my citizenship clock will still be ticking in between the two visas, so theoretically I will be able to begin the citizenship process on the fifth anniversary of my original D7 regardless of when my GV comes through.

I’m skeptical. Wouldn’t the play then be to get a D7, then not care if it’s revoked or anything and just wait 5 years to apply for citizenship?

Maybe my comment was a little confusing. To clarify: the important thing is that there be another visa application pending when the fist one expires. If you just let your original visa lapse without a new visa application in the works, you wouldn’t get this treatment.

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Ahh, got it

I guess because one is legally allowed to remain in Portugal while the application is pending.

One lawyer even told me that the citizenship clock starts ticking even at the biometrics for GV, under similar logic (you’re legally allowed to live in Portugal starting from the biometrics). I’m not sure how that’s adjudicated in practice.

Thank you for your reply.

I am delighted to hear that going from D7 to GV is feasible.

So for you, once you are approved for the GV, conditions relating to the D7 will be removed I assume, and GV residency conditions will apply.

As I have applied for GV already, do you think that now applying for a D7 will cancel my GV application? In other words, I have done it the wrong way round.

Would you be prepared to disclose the law firm that you are using? They could probably provide me with the correct procedures if it is possible for me.

Good luck with your journey misterferguson.

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Taking this argument further, one could say that applying in 2021 under this Despacho and proof of physical residence in PT would qualify for citizenship in 2026 provided your application has not been rejected the meantime…