Why does GV approval take longer than D7?

Having suffered through GV purgatory, I have been encouraged to submit a D7 application. This would require a return to the US (hoping for some sort of appointment there), more fees and limiting my flexibility to “see the world” during my retirement.
I wonder why the GV applications sit behind D7 applications. This doesn’t seem fair. How about other types of immigration processing? Is this some sort of injustice? The Portuguese people I know would never stand for this. Thoughts?

Because the polticos have decided to make us their scapegoats.

D-7 visas are granted outside Portugal, ie by Portuguese Embassies.

Hence the processing time difference.

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May I ask if your lawyer suggested this? I had been advised by my lawyer not to apply for d7 at the same time. Concerned they may cancel the GV application.

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Yes the GV will be cancelled according to the group Mercan uses and I would tend to believe them

No, I have not spoken to my lawyer about this. Others online have suggested switching to a D7. I have waited a year since GV application with my only home in PT. The “out for 90 days” thing is getting old already! :slight_smile:

I’m rapidly coming up on two years. You’ve barely just begun!

Two years and one month for me!

We applied for the Golden Visa under my husband.

My children and I decided to change in May and apply for the D7. My husbands application for the GV has not been impacted (nor has our applications). We are now residing in Portugal and have our SEF appointment next month.