Shifting from D7 to GV

Hey all,

Let’s say I get a D7, and a year or two later realize that I can’t comply with the stay requirement, and say at that point I decide to buy property in Portugal and shift to a Golden Visa, does the clock (to PR and citizenship) reset or do I get to carry forward the time already invested via the D7?

Thanks in advance! I know this is a tough/tricky one.



I would say that you’d start from scratch

Hello, I am really curious Gufig. Mind if I ask why would the clock reset?

In order to apply for permanent residence,
states that “Titularidade de autorização de residência temporária há pelo menos 5 anos” in order to qualify for permanent residence. So I am not sure why the time would reset?

Even for citizenship purposes,

one needs to "reside legalmente em Portugal há, pelo menos, 6 anos "(that needs to be 5 according to current legislation), not sure why the clock would reset.

Thank you.

Well, there might be a gap in the residence period there. If you are resident under D7, stop meeting the requirements and start a GV application, you might need to wait one year for your GV application to be approved. Would you still be deemed resident during this 1 year period? Not sure.

If I have a D7 and get a first residence card(which is for 1 year) and prior to my 1st renewal(which is for 2 years) and concurrently lodge a GV application(right after getting my 1st renewal) , then my understanding is that the GV will take about a year and half and until then I would still be an article 78 resident and once resident card for GV is issued, it would be GV resident from the day its approved. So no time wasted I guess.

If I were to do the above right after getting the 1st residency card, then the issue you raised might arise- would I be a deemed resident in the mean time if GV were to take more than a year?

Looking forward to your counter arguments as it helps understand better how the system works. I might be totally wrong. :slight_smile: Thank you.