D7 or Golden Visa for Portugal—Which One to Choose?

If you are considering moving to or basing yourself in Portugal, you may have come across two popular paths of doing so: The D7 visa and the Golden Visa.

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Hi Hanna! Do you know if it’s possible to apply for the D7 getting outside your home country? Or can you apply virtually? I’m asking because I’m a US citizen, but am currently in the UK.

Hi Katie,

According to my understanding you should apply from the country, where you are an official resident. If you are a resident of the UK, it’s best to get in touch with the Portuguese Embassy in the UK. If you are officially still a resident of the US, you should get in touch with the Portuguese Embassy in there.

Hi Hanna. So i’m wondering, can a D7 visa obtainer apply for a Masters degree during their time in Portugal? That is, can I get a D7 visa, be living in Portugal and decide to do my Masters or there are educational restrictions? Also, do my kids get educational benefits while we’re awaiting citizenship?

Hi! Yes, you and your kids will have access to the Portuguese national education system with a D7 visa.