D7 Portugal - do family have to stay 6 months?

Hello everyone,
Regarding the D7 visa - I know that if I use D7 visa I’ll have to stay in Portugal at least 6 months per year.
My question is - does it also imply to my family? Do they also have to stay 6 months per year?

The D7 visa allows you to enter Portugal to apply for a residence permit. The residence permit has requirements on the maximum time you can be outside of Portugal. With a residence permit you can only spend 6 consecutive months, or 8 months total, outside of Portugal within the total valid period of the permit.

The first residence permit, called the temporary residence permit, has a valid period of 2 years (was 1 until this year). The next permit, called the residence permit, has a valid period of 3 years (was 2 until this year). After 5 years you can request a permanent residence permit. With that you can spend 24 months continuous or 30 months total within a 3 year period.

If family members have residence permits, the same limits apply. If they don’t have permits and their visas expired, then they’d be violating Portugal law.

Hi Dan,
Thanks a lot for the important information!