Portuguese tax representation no longer required for non-EU residents

Actually I was wondering the same, like what would happened if we take ‘do nothing’ option because we don’t have any tax related activities in Portugal and already subscribed to Finance Portal.

My line of thinking is the same.
As long as you have:
a) activated your electronic channel for tax notifications on the Portal; and,
b) submitted a justified pedido on the same Portal asking to remove your tax rep,

  • you are technically compliant with the law.

Provided that you are not ‘economically active’ in Portugal of course.

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I heard back from my third request to remove my fiscal representative - and this time I even referenced the FAQ on their own website where they say a fiscal representative isn’t necessary if you have to tax obligations in the country and have signed up for ViaCTT. The response I got was that they are unable to remove the fiscal representative “at this time” because their computer system won’t allow it. Similar to the first response I got …but they didn’t say when or if their computer system was ever going to be able to handle this request.

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Ps. It’s my understanding that you will still have to pay your fiscal representative if they aren’t removed. And if they won’t remove them, I’m not sure how we can ignore them…

I am actually planning to apply for NIF online using NIFPortugal which states yearly fee. If we do not require a legal representative if we have no tax obligations, how do we get NIF number as a non-resident? I would be ok to maybe use them to get an NIF number and then stop using them for yearly basis and use ViaCTT which I am not sure what it is. Is there a website to access ViaCTT? Thanks for all the replies.

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E-Residence, who I used to obtain my NIF, is refusing to cancel my subscription even though I am exempt from needing a fiscal representative. I applied for a NIF when I thought I would be relocating to Portugal, but was told my application would be denied if I didn’t have an FBI background check. I couldn’t get one because I don’t have any acceptable fingerprints. I have followed all the instructions that you offered and was able to activate electronic notification, but when I went to enter my email address, it also wanted a phone number. I do not have a Portuguese phone number and it refused to accept my US phone number. The website would not accept my email address without the additional phone number. Has anyone else had this problem.

Good morning. Jumping into this old thread to ask a new question:
If we apply for a NIF w/out a fiscal representative, is it still possible to apply to the NHR or is a fiscal representative required to participate in the NHR? (I asked a law firm, but of course, they have a vested interest.)
Thank you.

You can apply for NHR yourself, no tax representative needed—it’s just a few clicks within Portal das Finanças. However keep in mind that you need to have a “resident” NIF, meaning that you have a Portuguese address on file with AT, not a foreign one. This requires e.g. a Portuguese lease or deed.

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What happens if you haven’t got a AT file yet, only a NIF with a Portuguese address? I’ve put in my visa application, I’m waiting on approval and my SEF appointment to be made via the consulate…