PR vs Citizenship after Golden VIsa

Assuming that one successfully completes holding 5 years of Portugal Golden Visa, the choices next apparently are (1) applying for citizenship, (2) paying 3.5K Euro every 2 years to renew, or (3) paying 7k+ Euro to get PR every 3 years. It doesn’t make any sense for anyone not to go with option (1), right? The only problem then is learning Portuguese…

The Portuguese language requirement can be met by simply taking an approved Language Course. The level of competence expected is not that high.

Assuming you intend to live in Portugal, learning the language - at least to go around - is essential. Portuguese is a very sophisticated language (the closest to Latin) and to master it requires effort. It’s not like English. Yet learning the basics is fairly simple. After all, you are not going to write a novel. If you can manage to pronounce words with a tilde (ã, õ) you are 90% there… :-)).

I started to realize so much need to pay fox real estate tax and renewal cost.

And passing a CEFR A2 level test.

A2 level is very basic. a few months of study is suffice.
Don’t let that be the barrier of you getting your citizenship and a EU passport.