Primary residence vs. fiscal residence, prior to SEF registration

I recently bought a property in Portugal, am getting ready to sell my US house and intend to live there full time. So when they were making up the forms, “this is going to be your primary residence, right? Not a second home? Because it makes a difference for the tax.” “For sure”, I said.

Pursuant whereof, I have attempted to change my “morada” to that address in Portugal at the Autoridade Tributária, which I believe is required - if you say you have a primary residence in Portugal, you’re living there for tax purposes too. However, all I have to show is an impeccable Atestado de Residência, and the AT says I need SEF residence, or I have to at least have begun the process. Which I can’t until I can get past the San Francisco consulate for a D7 visa, some months down the road.

I have a line out to a real estate agent involved in deal who will probably be able to find out what there is to be found out, but just curious if anyone has been through this one. It’s a little ironic, because they require you to have a place to live before you can get the D7 visa.