Question about how to recieve text messages overseas without changing my number

(Kadshah Nagibe) #1

Occasionally I get important 2-way authentication messages that I need to log in to different websites.
I currently have a $70 nonprepaid plan with T-mobile. When I’m abroad I don’t want to continue with my plan the only thing I need is to receive text messages without changing my number. I’m looking for a simple solution
for under $20 what are my options?

(RG) #2
  1. Use Google 2FA instead of a sim card number! Hackers can easily port your number to their phone by calling your carrier and get access through Social Engineering. There have been multiple prominent attacks against high net worth individuals in this way.

  2. When not possible, use a Google Voice/Hangouts number instead one of an actual sim. It cannot be ported since it’s connected to your Google Account. Then it relies on your security measures with the Google Account.

(Kadshah Nagibe) #3

thanks I’ll look into it!