Salary payment via UAE LLC - How to?

Looking for some good articles (practical, step by step) on what would be the best way to get money out of an UAE based LLC as company Director. Salary, dividend, or otherwise…

Any experiences to share?

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Thank you, first of all, for your excellent question, which will certainly reflect many others at the moment. You did not say where the company is located and what style of legislation is in its area of operation, but I think it is not, for example, a company located in a tax haven. You can easily find different search results on the internet, but here are two links on the subject. and

Thank you for the links @pekola.samip - Yes I did specify though - it is a UAE (Fujairah) based LLC. I was looking for specific guidance in that context.

Thank you for your clarification and personally, I would recommend contacting perhaps the best and best known expert in an industry who can certainly provide all the necessary details on how in the situation you are describing, it might be definitely best to proceed. A small price to pay for everything to be done the right way. Here is a comprehensive list of local and best players from which you could choose the one that suits you best

There are two details needed. First is this a company transfer of profits or its personal transfer of salary and dividend.

  1. Once the company files its annual return, it can repatriate hundred percent of profits if its Freezone offshore company. If it’s onshore company, once it pays the local sponsor his dues, the balance can be repatriated out of UAE.

  2. Transfer of all salary and dividend by individual from personal account to any foreign account is possible through bank transfer

Now if you are passport holder of any country except USA, you may have two options to deposit your money.
A. In bank account in mainland of that country and subject to tax on interest amount incurred or
B. Create an offshore account to park your profits in free jurisdictions outside of your home country or UAE.

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