Schengen Visa…

Eventually, I hope to have my Portuguese residency card. That comes with a Schengen visa. Odd question… on entry to Portugal, or another Schengen country, which passport line (e-gates) can one use?


The one corresponding to your passport, regardless of your visas/permits.


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As others have noted, the residency card does not entitle you to any different access for inbound/outbound immigration. Only upon getting citizenship and receiving a Portuguese passport would you gain access to the EU specific lines.

If you have a Portuguese residency card as part of the GV can you enter any country on entry to the EU or must you enter through one of Portugal’s international ports?

You can enter the EU via any Schengen country with a valid GV residency card.

With an expired residency card (as per the existing rules which extend the validity of expired cards to to 31 Dec 2022) , you can enter only Portugal’s international airports. Schengen travel is best avoided without a separate Schengen visa.

The discussion above relates to which immigration gates you can use at the time of international entry at a Schengen airport - and that is passport based, not residence card based. Unless you have an EU passport (or one of the countries eligible for e-gates) you will have to use the “all passports” gates regardless of your residence card.

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For what it is worth, I used my residency card to enter at CDG airport. Had my US passport with me, just is case

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