SEF appointment requirements

Hello everybody.
Does anyone know the documents required for the SEF biometric appointment?
I just need to get them ready before I leave my country and in case I have an appointment I be totally ready for it with all the requirements.

Usually the lawyers will do the prework around the proof of investment… Here is what I recall

  • transfer of funds to Portugal taken from the bank
  • actual purchase of a property or participation into the fund or fulfiling other criteria should be prerequisites

On top of these

  • criminal record (apostilled taken in the last 3 months)
  • proof of you spending time in Portugal (1 week/year) needs to be verified…

I do rely on my lawyers to produce the documents therefore there might be few additional documents that I might be missing; apostilled criminal record taken in the last 3 months is the one document that I get it from my home country.

Hope this helps

Not sure I understand your question correctly, and I have not had my SEF appointment yet, but here’s what I expect may be accurate:

The documents you need to bring to your SEF appoitment are essentially the same as the ones you submitted online on the SEF portal for pre-approval.
The notable differences/additions will be:

  • all documents must be original, as opposed to scanned copies you submitted online;
  • all time-limited documents must be freshly re-issued/apostilled if expired, e.g. criminal record, birth/marriage certs, Tax and Social Security declarations etc.
  • you need to bring all required documents, as opposed to only ‘mandatory’ ones marked by asterisk (*) you submitted on the portal;
  • you need to show proof of your most recent ‘legal entry to Portugal’, i.e. your visa and border control stamps in your passport;
  • you need to provide copies of all your passport pages, including the empty ones;
  • you need to provide a completed GV Application Form with your photo attached;
  • you need to provide request/consent form for collecting your biometrics;
  • you need to provide Termos de Responsabilidade (TdR) forms for all your dependants (I mention this because the official list on the SEF website is missing this piece).

For all of that you have three sources of official SEF info:

  1. SEF website - list of required documents (I recommend you check both EN and PT versions, as I was struggling to understand some EN terms they used until discovering PT original listing)

  2. SEF portal list of documets for online submission - basically repeats #1 but there are some additions like TdR etc. that are missed in #1 (again, check both PT and EN listings to ensure you got everything clear)

  3. SEF internal procedure manual document (additionally refers to passport copies, GV application form and biometrics form) - only PT version is available.

Additionally, some SEF document templates like TdR, etc. are located here:

Hope this helps.


Hi. I had my SEF appointment last month. My lawyer took care of everything, but I was there, so I know that they asked for the property purchase evidence, passport, criminal background check. So, basically they wanted to see all the originals for everything you should have already submitted. Since my criminal background was expired, I was supposed to present a new one, but I got the appointment very last minute, so I didn’t have time to get it. They were like “no problem, just send us a new one as soon as you have one”. We got business 20 days to send it, which wasn’t enough (due to long delays in the US), so we requested an extension which is what they said to do after the 20 days if needed…