Signing up for Plivio -- only companies permitted?

I signed up with Plivio first from a supposedly suspicious country. They immediately blocked my account and told me that only companies or legal businesses are permited to sign up. Not individuals. On their website I didn’t find such requirements.

And asked me for my biz info and other questions.

Is that really the case? Or was that their alarm triggered by my location and hence such strange, immaginary requirements?

And in general, signing up with them seems difficult – anything can trigger a red flag and they’ll block your account and scrutiny will begin. Right? Your experience?

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Similar experience here. I signed up several months ago for a personal account, and when I tried to add some balance with the credit card they blocked the account (nothing wrong with the card; I use that card for many other payments and never had issues). I opened a ticket and they said their security team had reviewed the account and determined that it would remain closed. They never gave me a reason or a meaningful explanation.

After that I am very wary of even trying to use their service since it seems to me that they will block an account at any moment for no reason.

I didn’t even think about this, since I usually sign up for services like this as a company, not as a private person. So if you have a company domain, even if it’s only your own company, I’d say sign up with that and use the business name during signup as well.

I can kind of understand them as well, since I’m sure they are dealing with tons of spammers and “robocallers” abusing their services. Only offering their service to verifiable business entities probably helps keeping this problem at bay.

I should probably update the article to reflect this…

I had a similar experience when I signed up a while ago. I did use my business email address & domain. I was able to sign up but when upgrading the account it got locked, then I received an email stating my account was flagged and they were not able to provide services to me. Contacted support and explained I have a legitimate business after which they did a manual review with the same result: not able to provide services to me.