Tax Filing - Annex A & Annex L

Hi all,
This is the season of tax filing, and I have 3 concerns.
If anyone has experiences, any comments/thoughts are welcome. (I would refer to those under my resonsibility!)

Annex A, (4) Income section,
I believe “Deduction” is categorized as “Contribution”?

I know that “Social Security Fee” → goes to “Contribution”
also, “Other Deduction” → goes to “Contribution”? (Not sure about this…)

Annex A, (5) Income from previous year,

→ “Previous” means, the year of 2022?
→ the year of 2023, which is identical data of seccion (4)?

Annex L, (6) Option for Taxation Regimes, (*I need this Annex L as NHR is applied)

(01) Want Autonomous Taxation
(02) Choose your inclusion

What are these? My income source is only one, so I select (01). I beleive it is right.

Thank you in advance!