The Best Estonian e‑Residency Service Providers Compared

Thanks for pointing Enty out, Michael—I hadn’t heard of them before. I looked into it, and they are very new indeed. The company was founded in the end of 2020. We’d be happy to add a review of them in a few months after they have been successfully operating for a year.

Hi Hanna,
I think that you have totally misunderstood Nadia’s question!
She has told you that she has No Tax Residency and is therefor not able to open a personal Bank account.
If she is no longer a tax resident in her previous countries where she was a tax resident how can she use that number.

Hi John,

There was no misunderstanding. Financial systems are not exactly built for people with no residency, and don’t provide an option to choose no tax residency. The best work-around I can come up with is providing them the last tax number that was active, which usually allows to open an account. It’s not ideal but since it’s a required field to open an account in most cases, it needs to be filled out. Perhaps someone else has other suggestions?

Thank you for the great article! I ve just rejected by Xolo, they said ,Xolo cant support marketplaces. My app has a business plan like Airbnb, main income due to commissions, I ve found Stripe has split payment feature, so i was planing to use it. They said no, really cant get, because their web page says Mobile App 's are supported. I ve really wanted to work with them, in addition, they got summer sale for 220 EUR fee till end of August. Anyway, i asked for a solution via email, hope they will find a way for me…
1- Would anyone make it clear what i am missing about Xolo? :frowning:

2- Which one would you prefer if you want to apply for Apple developer program as a company (required D-U-N-S number)?

PS. i checked companies financial situation on, Xolo seems best.

Thank you and sorry for the late reply!

Xolo does not work with e-commerce and marketplace type of businesses, their main focus is freelancers.

All of the options that have an e-commerce tag in the Airtable, should accept you without any problems. If you prefer bigger, more established companies, I would suggest getting in touch with 1Office, e-Residency Hub or Your Company in Estonia.

Thank you sooo much Hanna, no worries, you are super on time.
I read your epic article again and again, still reading… I sent emails to some of them just to explain my situation… will see.

Feel super close to e-Residency Hub :slight_smile:

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Hi, Hanna
Recently I’ve got an estonian e-residensy. I am planning to open a small company which will produce and sell some simple medical devices (licensing not required, as far as I know). Activities will include selling the devices (also on ebay) and import-export cross-border operations.

Which service provider and plan would you advise?

Hi Anton,

I will PM you.

Hi @hanna :sunglasses:
I’m searching for a e-residency provider and monthly accounting for an Estonian business (to be created).
Already talked with Xolo, but I had 1 blocker with them.
Basically, consulting needs to be always the main revenue, while this can be true for the first years, the ultimate goal is to build some kind of retirement fund where gradually the main profit will come from those investments.
I kindly ask you if you know if a special license is needed for that, or if you know a provider that accepts/collaborate with that kind of firm.

Hi André,

As long as you’re only investing for yourself, then no special license is needed. You just have to classify the company’s field of activity as passive not active. But this would be the case later on.

I’m a bit surprised that Xolo had a problem with this. Perhaps try asking from E-residency Hub or 1Office. And it would be great if you provide feedback here for others later :slight_smile:

Hi Hanna,
I have registered my company already and so cannot transfer it to Xolo. I am searching for a simple accounting package that can read from Wise, create invoices and run monthly/yearly regulatory reports. Enty seems like a good option for me, its clean and has the functions I need. Do you have a view or review on them?

Hi Evan,

I’ve been planning to update the article, there are more companies now since I wrote it.

I had a look at Enty and it seems like a good option, and it’s a trusted e-residency company. The pricing is also very attractive. If you decide to go with them, it would be great if you could also provide some feedback here, so we can make better recommendations in our community.