The Permanent Traveler

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This article, like much of what I write, does not apply to American and Eritrean citizens. In this particular case, it is because these jurisdictions are unique in that they (may) tax non-resident citizens, according to a 2011 report by E&Y.

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may I ask how do the tx office believe me that I do travelling? do they ask a report from border agency? in Europe, there is no need to passport get stamped in travelling in Schengen. Do anyone knows that, normally do they check this or not? I mean just normally not when they get suspect to someone that don't pay full tx ;)
If I say to bank that I'm tx resident of UAE or list of countries you mentioned above, how back accept this in normal cases? what proof they ask and what is the trick to waive the proof?


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Hi there! The requirements for becoming a non-resident where you currently reside varies from country to country. What country's tax office are you referring to?

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Hi, UK one. I heard residency should be less than 3 months to be non tx resident in UK. Also II indicate that I'm travelling in Schengen, whileo my UK passport will not stamped in borders, how tx office will believe me? what is the trick for making them believe?
If I say to bank that I'm tx resident of UAE or list of countries you mentioned above or any 0 tx on foreign income country, how bank accept this in normal cases? what proof they ask and what is the trick to waive the proof? Do they send my proof for verification in normal cases?

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If I indicate that I'm permanent traveler to bank or any company that I'm doing business with,(if my business is remote and from laptop only), I suspect that as I'm tx resident nowhere, so they exchange my income data with my country of nationality, where I'm holding passport with?
one of my friends has similar case but her birth location is different from country that she is holding passport with(country of nationality is UK again), and her birth location is not in Europe. What happen in her case? in similar circumstance above that I mentioned, is she most possibly reported to country of nationality, if she indicate to banks and companies that do business with, that her domicile location in nowhere and she is permanent traveler?

(in above, all business done offshore and independent from country of nationality, in these case UK)

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How can I change my domicile country as individual? by ANY undiscovered trick in normal circumstances, for banks and companies I do business with?

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If I state my address for most of banks in country of nationality/passport, one address inside country, and for one or two banks, outside of country, can the banks or credit agencies find me that I stated two different address and report me to investigative authorities?
e.g. for someone in the UK, when she is on Electoral roll (for vote), the credit agencies will find her name and address from these searches, and if she indicate a address outside of country for a specific bank, can they find out? is this depend of bank? I mean if its a foreign bank in the UK, can they still find out that you indicating them address different that what is in your credit file?

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Great Read. Thanks for putting all that info together in an easy to digest post.

If you live as a PT for a few years building up wealth in a country like Panama with no tax on foreign income, can you then take that money back to your home country (New Zealand in my case) without paying any additional tax after a few years if you decided to move back? And on that note, would you be required to file Tax Returns each year your away from NZ stating your earnings or would the home country not need to know where the money come from while you were gone for 2 - 10 years?