The Ultimate Guide to Estonian E-residency, Banking, and Taxes


That’s correct. It’s not too complicated to submit these reports yourself unless you start being liable for VAT etc as those reports are more frequent and complicated.

Yes, you do need a contact person, unfortunately. There are some that offer this for as little as €125 per year, so not a huge expense.

Nope, I think as long as you submit the required reports every year and have a contact person, you’re good.

Thanks! Are you aware of any issues if a company is in the middle of switching contact person but the first one has already notified the registry that they’re no longer the contact person? I’ll have to signup with a new one but am unfortunately in that period where the company has no contact person and the registry is aware.

Could you also link me to the one charging 125/year?

Great thank you.

Check out Nordic Consult, last time I checked that was their pricing. You’ll find more options in this article too: