No dropshipping for Xolo, which Estonian company would you prefer?

I am new here and find all ready interesting information about a E-Residency in Estonia.
Everywhere i look or search (LeapIn or Xolo now) comes for 80% back. But in my new business i also want to integrate dropshipping and they don’t allow it for physical goods.

Does anybody else have recommanditions for an other company like the service of Xolo but with dropshipping.
I will not start with dropshipping immediately but it is also on my list to integrate it in my business.


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Hello, if you plan to sell physical goods on Amazon you can use payment system Payoneer. You don’t need to establish a company actually.

Hi Oleksandr, thank you for your reply.
So it is no necessary to open a company to sell through amazon?
What about taxes on your income?
You work with Amazone?