Best setup for e-commerce business

I’m currently developing an web shop to dropship products from China worldwide. To accept credit card payments for my online business I need a registered company.
As everybody here I try to avoid high cost.

  • low or no taxes
  • low expenses to maintain the company like yearly renewal cost, hire someone to fill yearly tax forms, ect…
  • low fees to found the company

I’m Swiss and live in Switzerland.
It would be nice to be able to use an online bank like revolut or N26 or a bank that accept crypto as well.
In which country would you think is it best for me to open an offshore company and what cost do I have to expect to pay for:

  • founding company
  • yearly renewal cost
  • taxes
  • accounting
  • bank account

Are revolut and other EMI’s obligated to OECD?


I work for an accounting firm in Sofia (Bulgaria) and we mainly deal with Amazon customers.
Here the taxation is 10% on profits + 5% on dividends,
To mantain a company, the yearly cost are around 1200€.

It is possible to just have a Digital bank as Revolut.

If you need any more infos just drop me a PM.

Have a nice weekend!