Non-Resident business registration Bulgaria or similar

Hi nomads…
Has anyone ever registered a personal freelance non-resident small business in acountry such as Bulgaria ?

Looking for a solution to get a European address to invoice people without relocating to a European place though…
Any similar experience is welcome.
Not interested by E-Residency/Estonian one…
Danke :smile:

Hi @Kuiky,

Take a look at getting a virtual office space in England. Most of them will help you setup a new company there if that is your choice but you have the option of using the address without incorporating a new business.

You have the option to add many features like mail forwarding (scanned only or scanned and held or redirecting your mails), local phone number answered for you etc.

It all depends on your needs and how much you need/want to spend.

Hope this helps…

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Just contact a lawyer in Sofia and ask him to help you. Ask 3 and shop the price.

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England - having my bank in a French Territory I m afraid it would generate more fees for future IBAN transfers between banks if England stop being part of Europe… Despends if England offers/system can be more interesting though…

@Kuiky having/using N26 and or TransfarWise solves this issues and also gives you/your clients multiple accounts including Euro and GB Pounds you can use for your invoice and company statements…

N26 does not work for non EU resident, somehow they find out you are not residing so. As for Transferwise, I cant TopUp with them from my Bank out of EU. :frowning:

Take a look at this article,

If you don’t hold a passport from any of the listed countries in it that are outside the EU then it truly would not be possible but if you do, it is only a mater of choice.

Thanks for the link, appreciate… i do have the N26 but it was deactivated kindly last month by them—

Hello good morning,

we are an accounting and consulting firm Sofia based, we can help you with everything Bulgarian related.

Drop me a PM :wink:

Have a nice day!

Hi Stefano,
Did you have a chance to get some data about a Freelance Biz Cost and Tax in Bulgaria ?
I sent you an email I think a week ago…